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A Hero In Each Of Us

The late President Cory Aquino believed in the innate ability of the Filipinos to show compassion, perseverance and strength.  She knew inside every Filipino’s heart is the desire to help and make a difference in other’s lives.  This was her inspiration in creating the iamninoy Movement, an organization geared towards bringing out the hero in each of us.  With retail partners designing their own iamninoy merchandise and contributing part of its proceeds to the charitable institution of their choice, they are heroes and have allowed  customers the opportunity to help in a small way.

It is in this template that the iamninoy Runners group came into existence.  Members of the steering committee, Jamike Lopa, Jake de Guzman and TV host Drew Arellano realized they can transform their passion for running into something more meaningful.  And since running is the chosen sport of many, Jamike and Jake knew many runners would heed the call to help children. By simply joining the group and wearing the iamninoy runners shirt, we are already heroes.  Click on the link on at the right side for more information on the beneficiary and our partner, 57:75 Movement.


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