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Loving The Run

There are many reasons runners lace up at their time of choice, to hit the streets and sweat it out.  Some want to lose weight, to be fit, de-stress from life’s constant challenges, and build friendships or to test oneself.  Without question what is apparent for all is that running brings out a good feeling. Even if a new personal record was not achieved or a planned long run was not completed or even if an injury occurs, runners never give up.  The disappointments may bring down the spirit but not for long.  The need to run is driven by love for the sport.

It is inspiring to hear stories of people who have fought the fight and continue to do so. Just recently, American marathon record holder Deena Kastor finished 18th place in the Virgin London marathon at a time of 2:36:20, the slowest time she has ever had since she took up marathon running in 2001.  She suffered from cramps, tightness on her back and legs as well as an allergy attack.  In spite of all these she refused to drop off from the race; it was not an option unlike her non-participation in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 due to a foot injury. Deena feels this is one of the attractions of a marathon; to figure out what went wrong and how these can be avoided. She is joining the NYC marathon in November.

Some of us do not dream of a podium finish. For most of us to cross the finish line is THE dream. There are those who opt not to join races but rather run on their own with no finish lines to cross; simply jotting down or making mental notes of their accomplishments. Runners do not give up easily. A disappointment can turn us off for a while but we get back on the road.  It’s called passion. It’s love. Love for running.


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