Meeting A Hero After The Run

Last Saturday, Aug. 21, was the 27th death anniversary of our hero, the late Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr.  On this day, Jamike, Caecilia and I were scheduled to run 2 hours and 40 minutes as indicated in our marathon-training program.

During the course of our run, Caecilia and I chatted about many things while Jamike was quietly listening to his Ipod, not interested in women banter.  All these exchanges and halfway through our run, I still did not know what ‘heroic act’ we would be doing after this run.

I kept thinking the action did not have to be worthy of a front-page report; it just had to be simple.  Then an idea popped out.  We could by snacks equivalent to the total number of kilometers we three ran and donate these. The total distance we each completed was 21 kilometers; adding it all up, I had to buy 63 pieces of something.

After a sumptuous breakfast at Pancake House, Jamike and I went to Red Ribbon and bought 65 (this figure sounded better) pieces of mamon. We donated the food to a home managed by a nun who takes care of boys.  In what I thought would be a simple exchange of greetings while handing over the boxes of mamon, Sister Janet invited us in for a short chat.

Sister Janet is American and watches over 13 teenage boys.  She proudly told us that all the boys go to school, some in universities already and doing well.  A few of them still have at least one parent they visit once in a while and the others are orphans.  She also shared with us that she has not gone home for 11 years because no one will be able to look after the boys.

-with Sister Janet & some of the boys-

I knew this act of giving would make us feel good but what I did not expect is that we would be blessed with meeting a real life hero.  Sister Janet gave up the comforts of life in the US to stand as mother to these used to be lost boys.  She is truly commendable.  I’d do this all over again.  Simple acts, simple gifts, great returns for the soul.

Shared by Mayi Lopa


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