Marky Castillo’s Heroic Act

Read below the story shared by Marky Castillo as he trekked the mountains of Benguet on Aug. 21-23, 2010.

21st of August 2010, I was in Sitio Polis, Brgy. Poblacion Kibungan, Benguet, doing what Ninoy taught us, to serve our fellow Filipinos. From Baguio, it’s a 4 to 5 hours bumpy jeep ride to Kibungan. Before reaching Sitio Polis, we have trek another 4-5 hours. We have passed 5 hanging bridges along the trail.

The group aims to empower kids on mountains and remote areas. We distribute basic needs of the school and people. Books, notebooks, school supplies, basic medicines, and other materials that would be empower the kids and the teacher knowledge.

The kids walk on a muddy path 2-3 hours carrying their makeshift bags made out of sacks just to go to a school that also has scarce educational materials. I’ve come to a realization that we are so lucky with the material things.

Thanks. God bless.

Marky Castillo

We salute you Marky for this act of selfless giving and sacrifice to bring joy to the lives of the children who truly have the right to education.  More power to you and your group.


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  1. 1

    Jamike said,

    WOW. Hats off to you Marty! Your story is truly inspiring. Saludo talaga ako sa ginagawa nyo. Modern day Ninoy ka talaga.

  2. 2

    jhuvy said,

    supe nice coach marky!!!!..two thumbs up! ^-^…i’m lucky that you are my friend, opening my eyes for the wonderful journey in life..keep it up! Godbless! 😉

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