Runner’s High

It is early morning, the moon continues to light a runner’s pathway, legs are slowly being warmed up after a couple of strides and as the breathing starts to normalize, the runner is focused on the goal, that is to have a good run.

A good run to a runner can mean many things, for one, reaching a good pace, another is maintaining this ideal pace with no feelings of discomfort and worst, pain or attaining the runner’s high.

What is the runner’s high?  It is the term given when a runner reaches a level of euphoria, usually produced by distance running.  Unfortunately, this does not happen during each run.  The mind must be clear of problems and the legs must be willing to push a little harder, then slow down but the energy reaches its peak, resulting to running at a sustainable pace.  At the end of the run, only good feelings are felt.

Like all things appreciated, it is more meaningful when hard-earned. So tie up the laces, hit the roads, clear the mind, exert more effort and slow down to that perfect, comfortable pace.  Reach for the runner’s high.

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