A Serving Of Hope With Every Bowl Of Cereal

Nestlé Breakfast Cereals and the 57-75 Movement, with help from the iamninoy-iamcory Runners Group, are working together to improve the nutritional status and well-being of school children.  They have begun the project in the provinces of Sarangani and Pampanga through the Nestle Koko Krunch Breakfast Campaign.

A total of 4,271 elementary school children from Kawas Central, Alegria, and Alabel Elementary Schools will benefit from 42,696 Nestlé Koko Krunch cereal boxes delivered to the province of Sarangani. The whole grain breakfast cereals will be served to students in Grades 1-6 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from October 2010 to February 2011.

In Pampanga the Elementary schools participating in the breakfast campaign are: Tedodoro Tinio, AG Tinio, Don Pepe Henson, Don Mariano, Cutcut, Sta. Teresita, Sitio Pader, Pandan, Sapangbato, Virgen de los Remedios, Gutad, Palmayo, Don Ambrocio, EPZA Resettlement, Katutubo, Kamias, Villa Maria, Mawakat, and Target.

The campaign brought together private organizations with public institutions with the aim of addressing the challenges faced by the country’s public school system. According to the 57-75 Movement, the numbers 57 and 75 are symbolic of the current situation in the public educational system in relation to the state of education – 57 is the average score of public elementary schools in the National Achievement Test; 75, the passing mark, is the beginning of mastery. The reversal of numbers, from 57 to 75, is symbolic of what the Movement hopes to achieve: a reversal in the education crisis.

“We believe in every Filipino child’s potential to do well in school. This is why we are enabling communities by addressing the nutrition component of education programs through the work of the 57-75 Movement and the iamninoy-iamcory Runners Group,” said Joi De Jesus, Country Business Manager, Nestlé.

Some of the children who enjoyed the Koko Krunch cereal


KoKo Krunch Christmas lanterns crafted by Pulungbulu

More Koko Krunch lanterns

Creative use of the Koko Krunch box



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